Fund of the Month February 2012

My fund for February 2012 is the MFM Slater Growth fund. It is managed by Mark Slater, son of Jim Slater and, for a time, a colleague of mine on the Investors Chronicle. The fund has a AAA rating and has performed extremely well thanks to a consolidated portfolio of UK growth shares. The fund was launched in March 2005 but has only really come to my attention now that it is on one of the leading investment platforms. The fund itself has a broad remit to invest in both large and medium size UK companies and the top 10 includes Hutchison China Meditech which is using sales of Chinese herbal medicines in China to fund drug research and find western partners. Another leading holding is William Sinclair which, apart from owning peat bogs in the UK, is also a leading UK provider of peat-free compost. It is selling a big bog in Cumbria to a Government agency and will, in time, receive a large amount of cash.

Clearly, ace fund managers like Mr Slater do tend to move around but I think he is likely to stay as he obviously runs his own fund.