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Legal Disclaimer © BV Services is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (number 117954) and provides Independent Financial Advice to clients in the UK. Personal visits can be made to clients in and around Cambridgeshire.

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BV Services

BV Services, is a firm of Independent Financial Advisers, owned by Nigel Bolitho. Nigel is also a senior journalist and writer for the Investors Chronicle (part of the Financial Times group) and other financial periodicals.

BV Services offers excellent advice on a range of investments, pensions, life assurance and other financial products. Nigel also specialises in investment, tax and estate planning.  

Nigel's Fund Picks

The Three Amigos


One of the problems when investing in a fund managed by a well known and successful fund manager is that a) he often has comparatively little money invested in his fund and b) he can be lured away by a rival fund management team.  So the first 3 suggestions for your 5 funds are funds not only managed by well known fund managers but also knowing that they have a sizeable amount of money invested in their own funds and essentially control the fund management.  My 3 suggestions are:-


CF Woodford Equity Income


This fund is managed by Neil Woodford.  When he worked at Invesco Perpetual, he managed more money than any other fund manager in the UK.  In April he set up his own business and has already attracted £3bn.  His biggest claim to fame was that he avoided the dotcom boom in around 2000 and seems to have performed consistently well.  The fund aims to yield 4% and Mr Woodford is probably the only fund manager who lists all his holdings in his fund.


Slater Growth


This fund is managed by Mark Slater the son of legendary fund manager Jim.  I have to advise you that I worked briefly with Mark at the Investors Chronicle before he went on to better things.  Mark tends to invest in smaller UK companies and has been remarkably successful to date.


Fundsmith Equity


This fund is managed by Terry Smith who is an Essex boy who has come good.  He founded an inter-dealer broker called Tullett Prebon but is perhaps most famous for publishing a book called “Accounting for Growth” which lifted the lid on a number of accounting techniques used by big companies to make their trading figures and balance sheets look better; what has recently happened at Tesco suggests that this technique is not dead. Mr Smith has a no-nonsense approach to investment and runs a worldwide blue chip portfolio.



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“I thought I would drop you a quick note to say how much I very much appreciated your valued advice and patience with me regarding my Drawdown contract with

L&G.  It must have been very frustrating for you that I don't own a computer and you had to do a lot of running around, photocopying etc in order that I received my pension payout.


I take on board your advice Nigel and will spend my money wisely.  I have already replaced by poor car and paid off some debts!  I will also try to refill the “pot” when I can for the future.


Once again many, many thanks – greatly appreciated.  Kind regards”.


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